Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Just Rewards

With one last swing, Dukat’s blade cleaved through the Wyrm’s neck. Pale flesh and white bone were parted, and the beast’s head came free, tumbling through the air to land at Dukat’s feet. It’s corpse toppled, then lay still.

Victory! Dukat let out a triumphant roar that echoed throughout the surrounding caverns.

The Wyrm of Amasia – fabled guardian of the ancient Amasian ruins – had fallen. Now, nothing stood between Dukat and his just rewards.

Stepping over the beast’s wilted corpse, Dukat was somewhat surprised. He had expected a tougher fight from the Wyrm, considering the treasures it supposedly guarded, but the beast had been slow and rickety, an easy kill.

Perhaps, Dukat thought, I’m a better fighter than I realize. Just shows how much I deserve the reward.


I want to run my hands up the thighs of the office babe, dressed in killer heels and a grey skirtsuit and stockings with slightly-crooked seams; to unbutton her starched white top to find she’s wearing a black lacey bra, with matching panties further down; to take her into a toilet or supply closet and have her wrap those thighs around me and make pornographic moans from beneath inch-thick librarian’s glasses while I penetrate her; to fuck the button-down corporate bitch and find out she’s a total devil-slut beneath all that professional reserve.

Want, and wish.


The kitchen's a mess. Dirty plates are piled four-high, and I have no clean forks or spoons left. Breakfast bowls have been rinsed with hot water, but otherwise sit waiting to be immersed in suds. A frying pan has been wiped down, but not scoured. Tea cups have blackened interiors, desperately needing a scrubbing with steel wool.

There's no dishwasher. Everything needs to be cleaned by hand.

And my hands are currently cupping my balls and sharply pinching my nipples. They are occupied with immersing themselves in water-based lubricant, before gripping my erect shaft and stroking, each pull taking me closer to spurting.

As I fuck myself, teetering on the brink of orgasm, my thoughts occasionally drift back to the dishes. As I masturbate with sloppy, fluid-drenched fingers, I feel moments of shame.

My kitchen is a disgrace, and I know it.

One day - when someone new and lovely enters my life - I will scour every plate, wash each coffee cup and polish every teaspoon. I will disinfect every bench and stovetop. For a new lover, I will work my hands to the bone, and the kitchen will sparkle.

Until then, my hands are too fucking busy.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Baton Blog Hop

For my second ever blog post, Huck Pilgrim, a fellow erotica writer, tagged me to participate in the Baton Blog Hop. Basically, this works by one writer answering four writing-related questions, then passing them on to three other writers, who then answer and pass them on to three others, and so on.

Huck Pilgrim is the pseudonym of a minor author, who craves readers, and doesn't mind working hard on his books. He is a father and a  husband, enjoys his family, writing, and watching movies. His work appears in Best Gay Erotica 2014 and is forthcoming in Homeboys: Urban Gay Erotica from Cleis Press. Check out the link to his homepage for his answer to the four questions, as well as links to other great erotica writers (EDIT: shout out to Sybil Rush, who was tagged by Huck and kind enough to link back to me - she also has a story in the Valentine's Day collection).

The questions, and my answers, are below.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

First Post

So, this is my very first post on a brand new blog. Woohoo!

Since a very young age, I've wanted to write fiction. But it was only about a year and a half ago that I made a serious dedication to the craft. Since then, I've been writing a lot, reading a lot more closely, and generally trying to spend as much of my free time as possible on this. In addition, I'm trying to gradually learn more about the business side of writing - building a brand, using online tools effectively, etc. I still have so very, very much to learn about both these sides of being a writer.

This blog is another step in the learning process. I want to have a platform to share my fiction online, and maybe express some thoughts from time to time (with perhaps the occasional rant). The blog - much like my writing, and my life as a whole - is going to be a constant work in progress, so here's to approaching new things with a sense of fun and possibility.

So - come one, come all! Elliot DeLocke's blog is officially open for business! We're pretty quiet at the moment, but I'm just getting started. Stick around and you just might see something you like.