Monday, 12 May 2014

Baton Blog Hop

For my second ever blog post, Huck Pilgrim, a fellow erotica writer, tagged me to participate in the Baton Blog Hop. Basically, this works by one writer answering four writing-related questions, then passing them on to three other writers, who then answer and pass them on to three others, and so on.

Huck Pilgrim is the pseudonym of a minor author, who craves readers, and doesn't mind working hard on his books. He is a father and a  husband, enjoys his family, writing, and watching movies. His work appears in Best Gay Erotica 2014 and is forthcoming in Homeboys: Urban Gay Erotica from Cleis Press. Check out the link to his homepage for his answer to the four questions, as well as links to other great erotica writers (EDIT: shout out to Sybil Rush, who was tagged by Huck and kind enough to link back to me - she also has a story in the Valentine's Day collection).

The questions, and my answers, are below.

What are you working on?
One of my goals is to publish short fiction anthologies, so I’m working on completing several different short stories (usually simultaneously... yeah, I should try to avoid doing that). The story I’m working on right now is called “Eyes Only”, about an eavesdropping FBI agent in the late 1960s whose dedication to his job conceals the truths of his own desires, even from himself.

How does your erotica differ from other erotica?
I’m relatively new to this, so my response might include some wishful thinking. :-) My favourite pieces of fiction have a strong focus on world-building, so I try to do this with my erotica. I want to build up the environment that my characters live in and show how it has an impact on them. This partly stems from my love of genre fiction, like science fiction and fantasy, which has plenty of scope to build new (and very filthy) worlds. But even in stories with contemporary settings, I want to give my characters solid histories and back stories, to illustrate their past and present, and show how this shapes their carnal desires.

Why do you write erotica?
Like many other writers, I write what I want to read. I love fiction of all kinds – sci-fi, historical novels, noir, literary. But I often find that whenever there’s sex in these narratives, it tends to be extraneous, more a sideshow than a driving force. I'm interested in stories where there's lots of sex - and not only graphic and arousing sex, but is where sex scenes are used as a tool for character development and plotting. Who we fuck, how we fuck, how we feel while we’re fucking – all this says a lot about characters, and can influence how we act. I want to read stories that reflect this, where every dirty, sweaty, gritty detail of the sex has meaning and relevance.

How does you writing process work? 
I get an idea for a sexual scene of some kind, then imagine what kind of people would have found themselves in that situation and how they would react to it. The story tends to grow organically from there. I usually don’t focus too much on plotting; for longer stories, I find plot details come intuitively, and I fix any issues or problems as I rewrite successive drafts. As for that first sexual scene, I find I get inspiration from all sorts of places. I read a lot of non-fiction, particularly modern history, and that helps. I always try to do new and weird things in real life, too, which helps to stimulate inspiring moments.

So, now I pass the baton onwards! The lucky three writers are below. *drum roll*

Sacha Lasalle has been published in The Mammoth Book of Urban Erotic Confessions and has also contributed to the upcoming book The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 13, edited by the venerable Maxim Jakubowski. When Sacha is not participating in the generous community of the Erotica Readers and Writers Association, she continues her exploration of the human landscape — flaws and all — and what it means to write erotic fiction. 

Made in DNA is an American short story and novella author. Set on gritty, furious, far-flung extrasolar planets, where racy, hardcore sex with aliens, cyborgs, robots and similar agents is as central to its nature as the technology, his work is described as "sexpunk" and "sex-fi". It is an unadulterated, unapologetic and self-indulgent fare reminiscent of work by Masamune Shirow, or featured in Heavy Metal magazine, Penthouse Comix and 2000AD. Originally from Midwestern US, he currently lives in Japan with his wife and three children.

Adrea Kore is an Australian writer / performer who calls Melbourne home. An initial flirtation with erotica could now be called a passionate affair. She engages with the rich diversity of feminine sexuality – through explorations of desire, fantasy, arousal and relationship. Her short story "Peek Hour" has been selected to appear in Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 13 later this year. She also has erotica featured in American anthology Dirty Little Numbers by Go Deeper Press and Australian anthology Little Raven II. Her short stories have featured in Erotica Writers and Readers’ (ERWA) online gallery and her provocative Flash Fiction can be found on For the Girls. Intrigued by both the transcendent and transgressive aspects of sexuality, she views writing erotica as a way of transforming how sexuality is both perceived and experienced. She’s still wondering how publishing authors find time to blog. Connect with Adrea via Facebook (link above).

Seriously, you should check out all of these people. Sacha, Made in DNA and Adrea are all very unique writers, and great at crafting stories. Read and enjoy!

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