Thursday, 4 September 2014

Ten Days of Flash - Day 8

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Continuing on with Leone Ross' Ten Days of Flash. The day 8 challenge was right up my alley: take a myth, and modernise it, using only 120 words or less. I chose the Indigenous Australian myth of the Rainbow Serpent; there are lots of different stories about this creature, but most agree that it's associated with water, rains and fertility.

By Elliot DeLocke

Smithfield Chemicals burned, oily smoke plumes rolling skyward. Commander Farlane watched his fire crews struggle for control.

“When’s he coming?” he asked.

Dreamtime Liaison Officer Schultz shrugged. “Soon. He got caught up at the Litchfield fire.”

The inferno roared. Chemical storage silos groaned; they’d explode any moment now. Farlane braced himself.

Then... a rumble.

Behind them, a gargantuan serpent reared, scales shimmering with iridescent glory. The beast cried and belched thick, cleansing fog over the fire; toxins were purified, combustibles went inert. Heavy rains were summoned, finishing the blaze off.

Firefighters cheered. The Rainbow Serpent departed, flowers sprouting behind it.

Farlane and Schultz shook hands, politely ignoring each other’s massive, throbbing erections. Working with fertility spirits always had side effects.

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