About Elliot

Some snippets about myself, for the curious:

...I write short fiction about sex, with the primary purpose of arousing the reader. Call it by any name you like - porn, smut, erotica, stroke fiction - but that's what I write.

...I grew up in Southeast Asia and currently live in Australia. Both are amazing - visit either region if you get the chance.

...My day job is in local government.

,,,My night job involves chainsaws.

...I still manage to get time to write now and then, despite the previous two points.

...This blog is a place to share my fiction, talk about my interests and occasionally just gush about something great I've read.

For would-be readers, some stuff about my writing:

...I write in all genres. I've tried genre fiction (fantasy, science fiction, noir), contemporary fiction, literary fiction, simple stroke stories and ambitious, self-reflective narratives. I want to explore desire, sensuality and longing from all kinds of perspectives, in all kinds of worlds.

...I write primarily to arouse, but that's not my own goal. Sometimes I want to surprise the reader, sometimes make them thinking, get them to laugh or just share some fragment of a personal experience.

...I prefer to write short fiction. A lot of the pieces on this is flash fiction - less than 500 words.

...I welcome comments on my pieces, either as blog comments, on my Facebook or Twitter pages, or by e-mail.

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